Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No7 206 The Lolita: Simple Neutral Look

If you haven’t heard, 7 is Marc’s favorite number, which is the reason his eye palettes contain specifically that number of colors, and why there is a “No 7” in their name. 

This is one of the most popular of Marc Jacob’s 7-shade palettes; 207 The Lolita. 

Quick Review:

3 shades on the left are matte, the center is a glittery metallic, and the 3 on the right are pearl/metallic. 

I still think the same thing I said previously. That they haven’t got their matte formulas right. The darkest brown here is still patchy and hard to apply evenly, but the tan and beige are pretty good. All the metallics are beautiful as usual. It’s just the sparkly shade that is a little powdery and will fall all over the place.

Try to apply with a damp brush for intensity and smoothness.